Tough Testing - Shear Stability

What is shear stability? Multigrade engine oils are formulated with viscosity modifiers – large molecules which control oil viscosity (which thus provide engine protection) under different operating temperatures. Under stress, these molecules may ‘shear’, affecting their ability to control viscosity

Shear stability is a measure of the ability of an oil to stay in SAE viscosity grade i.e. SAE 40 stays as an SAE 40

Why does it matter? The viscosity characteristics of any oil are precisely matched to the application and operating conditions it is recommended for. Shearing of the viscosity modifiers means the oil can become thinner and less protective, i.e. an SAE 40 grade could drop down to SAE 30.

How the new DURONTM handles shear stability. The introduction of new shear-resistant components significantly improves new DURON’s resistance to shearing – even in the latest heavy duty diesel engines. With the durability to stay in grade, new DURON promises better long-term protection and better economy through the use of lower viscosity oil.

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