DURON™ Next Generation & On-Road API CK-4
(older vehicles - 2017 and earlier)

Downtime is a productivity killer – especially as operating margins get squeezed by market competition and the demands of your customers. Every hour spent on an oil change hits your bottom line.

Our API CK-4 and FA-4 products are the culmination of considerable research into lowering engine oil viscosity while maintaining their ability to withstand a high-shear engine environment – meaning that although thinner, they are stronger, offering the opportunity for fewer regular oil changes, extended drain potential, and can provide engine protection for longer periods.

API CK-4 licensed oils will offer backwards compatibility, allowing use in the vast majority of older diesel engine vehicles that ran previous oil categories (API CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 etc). Moreover, users will benefit from the increased robustness of API CK-4 oils over the previous and current API CJ-4 oils, enabling increased performance and protection gains, as well as extending the intervals required between oils changes.

With improved durability, stability and efficiency, DURON Next Generation promises longer periods of operation between oil drains without compromising protection and equipment reliability.

That’s good for business.

DURON Next Generation & On-Road API FA-4
(some next generation vehicles 2017 & newer)

For you, it’s all about margins. Keeping vehicles moving is critical especially when competition is growing with every load.

There’s a new generation of heavy duty engines on the road. Technology that squeezes more performance out of smaller engines. But that means higher pressures and more heat, putting oil under extreme stress.

API FA-4 licensed oils will be specifically designed for newer vehicles equipped with engines designed to meet the new legislation around emissions and fuel economy. API FA-4 oils will have a considerably lower viscosity, meaning less viscous drag in the engine and a potential reduction in fuel consumption, while still offering increased levels of wear protection. Future heavy duty fleet vehicles will be designed to comply with this specification to offer even higher levels of efficiency.

And across a fleet, tiny changes in fuel economy have a mighty big impact.

DURON Next Generation low viscosity API FA-4 compliant oils will deliver measurable fuel efficiency improvements that help you cut the cost of every km and every mile.

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